As the proverb goes: "A man is known by the books he reads..." So do books work for gifts? Pretty much they do, but to prove yourself creative and caring, to find a gift that would match the addressee's tastes and preferences, surprise them with something more than just a book - KNIGLI!  

KNIGLI – a perculiar book-slash-picture.

Think about it - we can fit the whole "Catcher in the rye" novel on a single sheet of paper. A sort of hanging scroll, designed as a fancy illustration. 

KNIGLI – is a real thing.

In fact, it works for any books - big or small. Making de Saint-Exupery's "Le petite prince" look just as nice as Tolstoy's "War and peace."

KNIGLI - the painting.

Our design team compiles fascinating images out of hundreds of thousands of letters, words, sentences, a perfect piece of deco for you home interior, work place etc. 

KNIGLI - the book.

KNIGLI are born by use of smart printing technologies, allowing the text to be as small as it is required. To make the tiny characters decipherable, we include a magnifying glass with every piece.

 KNIGLI - the ultimate gift.

Make your gifts heartily - choose KNIGLI for something creative and special. Do surprise!

Our customers are people of any age or occupation, social status and wealth, united by being open-minded, original and individual.

Our mission.

  • We produce unique, quality products for our customers.
  • We help our employees to realize their creative and working potential to the fullest.
  • As a part of creative community we do our best to support original people, start-ups and business ideas.
  • We contribute to development of Ukrainian entrepreneurship.

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